PRToxBechtel1bDr. Daniel Bechtel

Daniel Bechtel completed his Ph.D. in toxicology at the Toxicology Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. He specialized in immunotoxicology investigating the effects of air contaminants, from the oil and gas industry, on the immune system function. He also holds a M.Sc. in analytical and environmental toxicology and a B.S.A. in agricultural chemistry and food science. Employment history involved human and environmental health and safety and risk assessment (Health Canada); research, development and commercialization in various products (PRTox Consulting, DuPont, Cyanamid); and project management, study directorship and GLP/cGCP/GMP facility audits (PRTox Consulting). Daniel has been study director for non-clinical toxicology, field residue studies, environmental contamination assessments and co-authored government training and educational documents. Daniel is a designated Qualified Person (QP) for the purpose of certifying Phase II Environmental Site Assessment report as required by the Site Assessment Chapter of the Saskatchewan Environmental Code. Dr. Bechtel currently provides national and international clients strategic regulatory and scientific leadership services through successful applications to NHPD, PMRA, CFIA and assists with the navigation and compliance with GxP guidelines.  His research interests include air and water quality, nano product development and nanotoxicology, immunostimulation from the use of natural compounds and immune response associations from respiratory exposure to environmental elements.

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