PRTox Consulting Inc.

Corporate Mission Statement:

“Use sound scientific evidence to communicate and provide regulatory compliance services throughout product development, registration, commercialization and surveillance.  Detail human and environmental health risk through public relation activities using hazard identification and managed corrective action.”

– Toxicological Sciences For Human and Environmental Health

PRTox Provides:

Pesticide Registration

Offers years of experience in government risk assessment, hazard evaluation and complete product dossier and scientific rationales for regulatory approval.

Pharma Registration and Toxicology

Offers strategic guidance with regulations which pertain to natural health products (NHPD), functional foods (TPP-HC), personal care products , and clinical trials.

Public Relations in Toxicology

Offer an unbiased interpretation of scientifically based reviews and disputed levels of personal exposure and contaminant related issues.

Personal Risk Assessment

Offer expert and professional analytical data collection and analysis which can include crop residues, validation of active ingredients, dioxin and furan detection to VOC and other chemical entities believed to affect human and environmental risk.

Product Risk

A valuable resource to quantify risks, define and prioritize action before commercialization for novel foods, nanomaterials, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, natural health products, personal care products or new chemical entities.

Personnel Risk

A trusted voice to assess clients’ occupational or personal risk from chemical and physical exposure.

Pesticide Residue

A source to test edible foods for signs of adulteration from environmental contaminants, dioxins/furans, and pesticides. PRTox works with a variety of GLP and ISO compliant analytical labs which meet regulatory acceptance.